Our Fund Services

We offer complete solutions for fund administration.

Oneworld Ltd offers a comprehensive range of fund services to a wide variety of fund types.

Our services can be divided into five functional areas and cover:

  • Fund Setup and Middle Office Services
  • Fund Accounting and Valuation
  • Transfer Agency and Secretarial
  • Fund Compliance Services
  • Other Services
Our middle and back office services are geared to service a wide range of investment funds and private vehicles operating predominantly in the alternative investment sector.

Fund Setup

Our fund setup services include: 

  • advice and guidance on the choice of legal form and jurisdiction of the fund
  • coordinating the launch of the fund and preparation of constitutional documents
  • licensing support services for funds and management companies
  • drafting the Prospectus, business plan and operations manual
  • shareholder and transfer agency services

Middle Office Services

Our middle-office services include: 

  • asset trade capture and booking
  • entry and processing of all types of transactions
  • automatic trade processing and asset validation checks
  • interaction with prime broker, custodian, depositary
  • portfolio position and cash reconciliation
  • cash and liquidity management

Fund Accounting and Valuation

Our department utilizes specialized fund administration software and our experience in core accounting and taxation areas to ensure efficient administration of the fund affairs, including:

  • accounting for transactions and movements
  • ensuring compliance with the relevant valuation policies
  • calculate the Net Asset Value correctly and timely
  • maintaining accounting records
  • preparation of routine and tailor-made management and regulatory reports

Secretarial Services

As Secretary we are responsible for corporate functions, more specifically we perform the following:

  • tailored administration services to the fund, holding and vehicles/structures day to day administration of asset holding vehicles in multiple jurisdictions
  • organizing and attending board meetings arranging payments
  • maintaining statutory registers
  • ensuring local legal and regulatory compliance

Transfer Agency

Transfer agents fulfil a central role in the funds industry, as everything from the processing of subscriptions and redemptions to communications with the investors flows through the transfer agency. We have invested in one of the local industry’s most advanced solutions for transfer agency and shareholder record keeping.  Our system and staff can perform ably the following: 

Shareholder’s Register

  • maintenance of the Register of holders of the fund’s shares
  • registering and performing transactions (subscriptions, redemptions, transfers, distributions)
  • settling and monitoring transactions
  • convening shareholders to annual general meetings
  • applying the AML rules and control procedures
  • issuing of share certificates

Communication and other actions

  • responding to investors’ requests and providing information on maturity dates and other investor-friendly information
  • communication of dealings to the fund manager, directors and other principal parties
  • acting as distributor and the fund’s paying agent

Domiciliation and Office Rental

We can provide the registered office and deal with the substance issue. The office will receive correspondence as well as house all files and records. We provide fully functional office settings, as funds need offices abroad to accommodate staff.

Oneworld provides at its Business Centre cost-effective offices and meeting rooms on flexible terms, all backed up by a fully-trained support team and state of the art IT and telecoms infrastructure. 

Other Services

Internal Audit

  • performing a review of the audit trail capabilities of the fund’s electronic systems and procedures
  • outsourcing internal audit services

Direct and Indirect Tax Services

  • fund tax structuring and transaction analysis
  • preparation and submission of tax returns
  • review of procedures, systems and policies to ensure tax compliance
  • VAT services in relation to fund service providers

Fund Risk Management and Compliance Services

Our team combines years of operational experience in front and middle office, in risk, compliance and control departments. Our expertise in Risk Management services covers: 

  • the design and implementation of comprehensive risk management framework
  • risk assessment and evaluation studies
  • review of existing risk management and governance processes to identify areas for improvement

In addition we can act as Compliance / AML Officers to:

  • monitor and assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the controls and procedures in place
  • advice, when required, to the persons responsible for carrying out investment services and activities to comply with the Company’s legal obligations
  • prepare necessary reports according to legal requirements
  • ensure that continuous training is provided to all staff
  • FATCA and CRS reporting
  • investor due diligence