British Virgin Islands (BVI) Funds

Advantages of setting up a BVI Fund

  • One of the leading offshore jurisdictions for investment funds
  • Perfect for small scale funds with no minimum requirements of assets under management
  • Cost effective jurisdiction for fund formation
  • Simplified due diligence procedures for investors
  • Flexibility in the choice of investment portfolio and internal structure of the fund itself
  • Minimum or zero taxes on capital gains, profits and dividends accrued to the fund
  • Well regulated jurisdiction with a long and proven track record
  • No exchange controls
  • BVI Mutual Funds can be registered in a wide range of organisational forms
  • Licenced and experienced professionals
  • Straightforward and flexible fund administration requirements

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Set up a fund in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The British overseas territory of the BVI is one of the leaders in offshore jurisdictions offering fund products. BVI offers a great balance between a proactive regulatory framework that meets international standards, a business friendly environment and innovative legislation in its financial services industry. 

BVI offers a variety of fund types, suitable to cover a range of different investment products and investors.

Types of funds

Incubator Fund

BVI incubator funds are restricted to a maximum of 20 investors investing a minimum amount of US$20,000 each.

Approved Funds

Approved Funds in the BVI are set up for 20 investors where the total net assets under management should not exceed US$20mn. 

Private Funds

Setup for a maximum of 50 investors or interests offered on a private basis only.

Professional Funds

Professional funds are only open to “professional investors” and the minimum investment amount is US$100,000.

Public Funds

These are funds offering shares to the public and are not otherwise a private or a professional fund. 

Our fund services

Looking to set up an offshore fund? Our expert fund advisors will guide you through the whole process – from choosing which jurisdiction is best for you, to obtaining your fund licence and day-to-day management.

Our services include: 

  • Advice and assistance in setting up your offshore fund
  • On-going support, from day-to-day administration to assistance with corporate, legal and tax matters
  • Fund accounting and valuation
  • Risk management and compliance services
  • Domiciliation and office rental (if required)
  • Audit services

Key Features of BVI Funds

Investment funds in the BVI are regulated by the Securities and Investment Business Act (“SIBA”).

Closed-ended funds such as private equity funds and registered funds (incubator and approved funds)

BVI has several types of funds, the BVI Incubator Fund, Approved Funds, Private Funds, Professional Funds and Public Funds 

Mutual funds and non-BVI investors are exempt by legislation from all tax

The vehicles commonly used for setting up of funds in the BVI are the BVI Business company, the segregated portfolio company, the unit trust and the exempted limited partnership

BVI Funds, regulated by SIBA will generally be required to appoint the following functionaries (unless exempted):

  • Investment manager
  • Administrator
  • Custodian
  • Auditor

(NB: for Private/Professional Funds, custodian must be independent from the manager/administrator unless there are sufficient systems to ensure functional independence)

We offer expert support throughout the whole process.

From choosing the right jurisdiction for you, to day-to-day administration and annual management of the fund.

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