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Set up your fund in the Cayman Islands!

One of the most popular jurisdictions for offshore funds, with an estimate of 70% being domiciled in the Cayman Islands.

Benefit from a highly advantageous tax regime with no corporate, capital gains, income, profits, or withholding tax.

Enjoy a stable economic and political climate with a professional infrastructure and with top industry professionals in the corporate and financial services industry.

Straightforward and flexible fund administration requirements, with a wide range of investment funds possible to suit a variety of investors.

Key Features of Cayman Funds

Cayman Islands Funds are regulated by the Mutual Funds Law (MFL), which gives the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority the responsibility to regulate certain categories of funds operating in and from the Cayman Islands. The categories of funds regulated under the MFL are listed below.

1) Private funds with a maximum of 15 investors and the majority of investors can appoint and remove fund operator(s), and

2) Closed-ended funds such as private equity funds and certain overseas funds

Choose from a Registered Fund, a Licensed Mutual Fund or an Administered Fund. 

The Cayman Islands have no direct taxes of any kind. There are no corporation, capital gains, income, profits, or withholding tax. 

The vehicles commonly used for operating mutual funds are the exempted company, the segregated portfolio company, the unit trust and the exempted limited partnership. 

Cayman Funds, regulated under the MFL, will generally be required to appoint the following functionaries:

  • Investment manager
  • Directors
  • Administrator
  • Custodian
  • Auditor

III Types of funds

I. Registered Fund

Registered Funds in Cayman Islands are set for a minimum investment of US$100.000 or interests listed on a recognised stock exchange. The fund must appoint an Operator who is typically a Director, a Trustee or a General Partner.

II. Administered Funds

Administered Funds must have a CIMA-licensed mutual fund administrator providing its principal office. The regulatory responsibility for the administered fund which has more than 15 investors and which is not a licenced or regulated mutual fund, is placed largely in the hands of a licensed Mutual Fund Administrator. 

III. Licensed Mutual Fund

Licensed Funds in the Cayman Islands are mutual fund operating in and from the Cayman Islands. Such funds must have a licence unless a licensed mutual fund administrator is providing its principal office. 

How Oneworld Ltd can assist you

We offer complete solutions for fund administration and expert support throughout the whole process. From choosing the right jurisdiction, to obtaining your fund license and day-to-day management and administration and annual management of the fund.

Our middle and back office services are geared to service a wide range of investment funds and private vehicles operating predominantly in the alternative investment sector.

Our one-stop shop approach gives fund sponsors more time to focus on asset growth and management. We comprehend the investment fund industry and our experience and expertise help you to enhance your fund’s operations and build a secure relationship with your investors and counterparties.

Oneworld Group has a 33 year of history. We currently employ more than 100 people and our client portfolio includes over 2.000 international companies and HNW individuals. Oneworld Group has responsibility for over US$5 billion worth of assets on behalf of its clients, mostly in west and east Europe. Overall, our team has setup and managed over 50 funds in Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, and Cayman Islands in a diverse variety of alternative asset classes.

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